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Cardiology Associates of Dortmund are dedicated to the cardiac needs of both you and your family. Our goal is to provide you with high quality efficient medical care. As heart specialists, we concentrate on the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired heart disease, diseases of the blood vessels, diseases of the heart rate, and high blood pressure. With our combined knowledge and experience in the field of cardiology, we work together as a team to provide you with high quality and continuous medical care.

ln addition to caring for children with heart defects, our team provides care for adults with congenital heart defects.

Our cardiologists are all board certified. We work in close collaboration with a variety of German heart centers. We also maintain contacts to heart centers outside Germany like in the United States and the UK.  



Martin Lehn, M.D. 
Pediatric Cardiologist and Pediatrician
Specialist for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease


Cardiologists and Internal Medicine Associates

K. Kubisch, MD
M. Stratmann, MD
R. Kuhnert, MD
Y. Onay, MD
Osman Gürocak, MD



Kampstrasse 45
44137 Dortmund

Phone: +49-231-95 80 89-0
Fax: +49-231-95 80 89-290

Satellite clinic at the Marien-Hospital of Witten
Marienplatz 2
58452 Witten
Phone: (+49) 2302-173-0




Kampstrasse 45
44137 Dortmund, Germany


Satellite Clinic in Witten
Praxisfiliale am Marien-Hospital
Marienplatz 2
58452 Witten, Germany 

(+49) 231 95 80 89-0

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Cardiology Associates of Dortmund. Martin Lehn, MD. Phone: (+49/0) 231-95 80 89-0